By using Adobe Reader, you may not able to export the PDF into image format. To do so, you will need another application such as Bullzip PDF. While Bullzip act as PDF printer that saves file into PDF, it also supports export into images of JPEG, PNG and other formats also. Download the free version of Bullzip and perform the installation process.

  1. Open your PDF file in Adobe Reader as usual.
  2. Click "Print" and select "Bullzip PDF" as your printer and proceed to print.
  3. Bullzip popup dialog will appear to define save path and format. Select JPEG and save the file.

That's it. You have the image exported out of your PDF file.

Bonus trick: If the exported image is not in the proper orientation, for Windows OS users can easily rotate by right click on the image itself and select rotation angle left or right. This happens without opening file in any image editor.