What is a forward-only email account? 

A forward-only account is a virtual account that does not accumulate email sent to it, but instead forwards all email to one or more specified email addresses. You could use a forward-only account to direct emails for teams or departments of users to the individual user accounts. For instance, sales@yourcompany.com could forward emails to all members of your company's sales team, or chemistry@yourcollege.com could forward emails to all staff in the chemistry department of your college.

Adding a forward-only email account

  1. Go to Mail >> Add Forward Only Account in your control panel. 
  2. Specify a host name for the account, e.g.billing@yourcompany.com 
  3. Enter a list of email address to which you wish to forward all emails on this account, and click on Save. 

You can also set a forwarding address for individual user accounts if you want. By doing so, a copy of all emails sent to that user would be sent to the address you specify.