Mac OS X has built-in screen grabbing functionality. After pressing these key combinations to take your screenshot, you'll hear a click and the screenshot will be saved as PNG file to your desktop.

  1. To capture the entire screen, press Cmd+Shift+3 at the same time.
  2. To capture a select area of your screen, press Cmd+Shift+4. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair and you can drag around the area you want to capture.
  3. To capture a specific window or something like the Dock or menu bar, press Cmd+Shift+4 and then immediately after, hit the Spacebar. The crosshair will turn into a little camera and highlight the window or objects you can capture.

Using the Grab Tool

In the Utilities folder under Applications, OS X also has a tool for taking screenshots called Grab. To use it:
  1. From the Capture menu, select the type of screenshot you want to take: a selection, one windows, the entire screen, or a timed screen which waits ten seconds then captures your screen.
  2. Then follow prompts to select the area of your screen capture.
  3. Go to File then Save to save the screenshot as a TIFF image.